Did You Know In Colorado?

Fatal crashes involving young drivers are on the rise in Colorado. In 2017 and 2018, an average of 86 young drivers were involved in fatal crashes. This was an increase of 34% from previous years

CDOT 9 news article 08-08-2019

During 2017, 67 young drivers died (ages 15-20) That number is up 22% from 2016 (55)

Teens face the greatest risk of crashing during their 1st year of their drivers license.

One out of every five licensed 16 yr olds will be involved in a motor vehicle crash.

Facts provided by Colorado Department of Transportation (08/2018)

Since 2007, drivers age 16-24 have been distracted by devices at higher rates than other drivers.

Facts provided by NHTSA


We prepare each driver to have the “Drivers Edge Advantage”

Our instructors have witnessed how automobile crashes impact people’s lives

The youthful mind has a tendency to have an attitude of

"it will never happen to me".