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KEEPING our senior drivers safe behind the wheel as LONG AS POSSIBLE

Consider when was the last time you had formalized behind the wheel training?

With the exception of teen drivers, seniors have the highest crash death rate per mile driven, even though they drive fewer miles than younger people.


In the US on average 22 seniors die in car crashes every day. Another 580 were injured each day

Seniors are more at risk of injury due to the ability to recover after being injured

Age related changes to vision, decision making, reaction time affects the driving skills to prevent a crash

By 2030 nearly 70 million Americans will be 65 or older, and most will still be driving

As we get older, these traits diminish


Through time our keen eye sight diminishes. Proper eye technique plays an important role


Keeping driving simple by planning and minimizing distractions


Mobility is key to identify hazards. Proper positioning in your vehicle, and mirror placement is crucial


Situational awareness provides the plan to execute



Evaluate (what if)


Six hour training curriculum consist of the following

2 hour classroom 

 Review current traffic laws and statistics
Emphasis on situational awareness

4 hours behind the wheel:

Eye technique
Emergency braking
Crash avoidance
Basic applied physics while driving
Managing space 
Mental preparation
Vehicle technologies
Skid recovery
(featuring our state of the art slide car)

Behind the wheel training conducted at the Douglas Co Training Facility

Call To Inquire About Our Next Class 303-916-0786

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