What we do

We prepare each driver to have the” Drivers Edge” advantage through advanced training within the safe operation of a motor vehicle through the proper mindset (behavior) and skills (vehicle dynamics)

Behind the Wheel training is conducted at a safe location where there’s plenty of space and time to offer our vigorous, forward looking training.

(Dynamic vs static) Dynamic provides a most realistic experience. This along with static training of exposing the student with classroom discussion of various hazardous situations and shared experiences that our instructors were exposed to during their careers


How we do it

We provide comprehensive classroom training that focuses on the proper mindset and attitude of getting behind the wheel and the risks associated with this responsibility. We use reality based training methods, similar to those practices used by law enforcement.

Provide actual behind the wheel training with the student’s vehicle

Training objectives:

  • Vehicle familiarization and inspection

  • Proper vehicle set up as it relates to seats, mirrors, and steering wheel

  • Controlled environment where students will learn skills of crash avoidance

  • Proper eye and steering technique

  • How simple physics play a role in understanding safe driving

  • Efficient/emergency braking techniques

  • Familiarization of vehicle technologies.

  • Backing parking techniques and efficient turning radius of their vehicle

  • Experiencing the vehicle under a controlled emergency situation

  • Emphases on situational awareness

  • Skid recovery








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