Prevention through Intervention

Saving one life at a time


Whether you're a new driver

or you've been driving for a number of years

We are here to provide the best safe driving practices to keep you and your family safe



We are not a typical driving school, but rather a means to offer advanced defensive driving skills to all licensed drivers.

Typical driving schools offer the services of obtaining a instructional permit or a driver license. These services provides the minimal standards needed to pass the basic test.


Our advanced training exceeds the basic standards. We offer advanced training pertaining to; situational awareness, crash avoidance, skid recovery, emergency braking, and proper eye technique

When a new driver receives their drivers license, there's a period where the sense of independence often clouds sound judgement that could result in serious consequences.

Other challenges exist for those individuals who have been driving for a number of years.


Consider the last time you may have experienced a formal driver's training program.

We offer dynamic training with real world encounters and the skills needed to sustain best driving practices.


Insurance Discounts On All Training

All students receive a certificate of completion

Insurance companies have honored this training with a 10%-15% discount

Let our highly trained professionals provide the skills needed to keep you safe

All instructors are retired/current State Troopers

All behind the wheel training is conducted at the Douglas County Drive Track facility

Dont wait for a court appearance or a knock at your door to decide if you need this training