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Advanced Defensive Driving For Young Adults

Is your young driver prepared to handle an emergency situation?

Basic Drivers License Instruction Is Not Enough

Let Our Highly Trained Staff Provide Life Saving Skills


Intimate Training Experience

Our class size is just limited to just 8 students. This provides an intimate experience with 2 qualified instructors. All instructors are current/retired State Troopers


Emphasis With Situational Awareness

Operating a motor vehicle is very similar of those skills needed to be successful in a sports. Mental preparation, practice, anticipate,  respect, execute, and the sense of success

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Behind The Wheel Training

Students are exposed to vigorous behind the wheel training. (simple to complex) Our training exceeds those standards needed to obtain a drivers license



We are not a typical driving school, but rather a means to offer advanced defensive driving skills to licensed drivers (age 16-25)

When a new driver receives their drivers license, there's a period where the sense of independence often clouds sound judgement that could result in serious consequences.

We offer dynamic training with real world encounters and the skills needed to sustain best driving practices.

Training is not a mass production as we limit class sizes to just 8 students with 2 instructors.


Did You Know


Colorado experienced 

311 fatalities with drivers between the ages of 16-20


On average,

 how many fatalities/week within this age group


of all fatal crashes in this age group resulted in distracted driving. 

This age group is the highest among all drivers

1 in 5

16 year old license driver will be involved in a motor vehicle crash


Snap Shot Of  A Few Of Our Training Exercises

Evasive Maneuver

This exercise addresses the following:

  • Proper hand position on wheel

  • Proper eye technique,

  • Proper steering technique,

  • Decision making,

  • Avoiding potential hazard,

  • Risk associated with distractions

  • Proper braking technique 

Skid Recovery

This exercise addresses the following:

  • Proper hand position on wheel

  • Proper eye technique

  • Proper steering technique

  • Deter vehicle input (brake, acceleration)


Dan and Julia from Lakewood Colorado


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